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The tax filing deadline is April 15th. File an extension and your tax filing deadline is extended six months to October 15th.

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Did You Miss The 2018 Tax Season Deadline?

Posted by Manisha Hansraj on May 10, 2018
Last modified: September 21, 2018

tax deadline 2018

The 2018 tax deadline has passed.

The April 18th tax deadline quickly passed. With the IRS encountering system difficulties, the tax deadline was extended from April 17th to the following day. Although tax deadline 2018 has passed, some Americans have yet to file their tax return.

If you’re one of many taxpayers who have questions about how to file a late 2017 tax return, keep reading!

Can I still e-file my 2017 tax return?


Get $5 OFF your 2017 Tax Return using your Rapidtax coupon!

Posted by Manisha Hansraj on April 17, 2018
Last modified: August 14, 2018

Did you file your 2017 tax return?

The 2017 tax deadline is finally here. As a matter of fact, most Americans are rushing to find their income statements to file their tax returns. Now, whether you’re internet surfing to find a do it yourself tax preparation site or a loyal Rapidtax user, we’re here to make filing your 2017 tax return less stressful. After entering your tax information, enter the coupon code you see below during your checkout process.

Read on to find out how to use Rapidtax to get $5 OFF your 2017 tax return now! (more…)

Tax Reform: Tax Tips for Lowering Rates for 2018 Taxes!

Posted by Manisha Hansraj on March 2, 2018
Last modified: August 29, 2018

tax reform
Be ready for the new tax reform.

Get your to do list out and take some action to reduce your 2018 taxes now! Although taxpayers might be hurriedly finishing their 2017 tax returns before the e-file deadline, some tax deductions will not be there for the next tax season due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. (TCJA) Ultimately, the design of the new tax reform is to lower taxes for individuals of all income groups until 2025. Bear in mind that along with that idea, many individuals who itemize their deductions are worried about the tax turmoil they’ll face when filing with each capped or eliminated deduction.

Did you know that can take steps in 2018 to decrease your taxes for next tax season? Here’s a few tax tips for you.

Rack up your medical receipts.


When is the Last Day to E-File a 2015 Tax Return?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on March 3, 2016
Last modified: March 7, 2016

Get all your ducks in a row this tax season.

April is great. Spring has sprung. The snow has melted. And you’ve just remembered….you still need to file your 2015 tax return!

The tax filing deadline is April 18th, 2016.

This is not a typo. You get 3 extra days this year to e-file your tax return with the IRS. Why is that, you ask? If the typical April 15th deadline just so happens to fall on a weekend (including Friday), the IRS will push it back to the following Monday. Hence, April 18th.

Expecting a refund?

If an excess amount of federal taxes were withheld from your paychecks this year, then you can expect a refund from the IRS. The deadline still applies to you and you still need to file a tax return. However, if you don’t e-file by April 18th, you won’t face any penalties from the IRS. In fact, you can claim your 2015 tax refund until 2019 thanks to the three-year statute of limitations!

If you’re not ready, file an extension.

Even if you can’t file your actual tax return by April 18th and you have a tax liability, you can file your 2015 tax extension with RapidTax for free. This will give you until October 17th, 2016 to e-file your tax return, penalty-free.

When filing an extension, you will need to estimate your tax liability and pay a small amount towards it. Even $5 will do (it’s all about showing initiative here).

Oh, the penalties you’ll face for not filing (and paying) on time.

Miss curfew? Get a lecture from mom. Late to a meeting? Get reprimanded by your boss. Miss the tax filing deadline? Get penalty fees tacked onto your tax bill by the IRS. Below is a breakdown of what the IRS will charge you if you don’t file your taxes by April 18th (or October 17th with an extension). (more…)

Are There Tax Extensions for Military Personnel?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on December 5, 2014
Last modified: October 6, 2016

If you’re in the military and overseas, you have an extension on the date you must file your taxes by.

Here at RapidTax, we salute all the brave men and women serving our country. We also all military personnel to understand the military tax advantages.

Serving in the military is far from easy. The last thing on your mind is taxes. Luckily, the IRS offers a few tax extensions for military personnel. These tax extensions are offered to the following military personnel;

  • overseas active duty
  • combat zone

That means, if you fall within one of the two categories above, you won’t be required to file your taxes by the April 15th tax deadline. Additonally, there are other tax credits you may be eligible for. RapidTax is here to help you save time and money when filing!

Overseas Personnel

If you serve outside of the United States or Puerto Rico and you’re on assignment during the tax deadline (April 15), you are granted an automatic two-month filing extension to file.

That means, you have until June 15 to file your taxes. However, you do not have an extension to pay your taxes and must pay your tax liability by the April 15 deadline. (more…)

Can I Still File My 2013 Taxes?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on September 22, 2014
Last modified: April 16, 2015

Although the Tax Deadline to file 2013 Tax Return has passed, you can still file your 2013 taxes!

The final deadline to e-file 2013 taxes was October 15, 2014. However, you can still prepare a 2013 tax return with RapidTax!

If you requested an extension on your 2013 tax return, and you still haven’t filed your 2013 taxes, you’re officially late. That means you may have to pay penalties and interests.

Avoid Paying Penalties  & Interest

If you have a tax liability from your 2013 taxes, you’ll want to keep in mind that the longer you wait to file, the more you’ll end up paying the IRS in late penalties and interest. Late fees include the failure-to-file penalty, failure-to-pay penalty and interest.

Each of these fees grows larger with every day that your return goes unfiled or your tax liability unpaid. (more…)

How to File a Tax Extension on Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

Posted by Robert Flanagan on April 14, 2014
Last modified: April 14, 2014

File a tax extension before midnight on April 15th and you’ll have until October 15th to file your 2013 tax return!

Are you nervous because the tax filing deadline is here and you are not prepared to file your taxes? Take a deep breath…. it will be okay. Why? Well, you can file a tax extension on RapidTax. Not only that, but you can file a tax extension directly from your phone or tablet.

Can I File a Tax Extension From My Phone on RapidTax.com?

You can in fact file a tax extension on your phone or tablet from RapidTax.com and your tax deadline will be moved from April 15 to October 15.

Wondering how? Simply go to the Create an Account page and clicking “File An IRS Extension” in the “Choose Your Tax Year” drop down menu. If you already created an account, simply pick “File an IRS Extension” from the “Tax Year” drop down menu.


When is the Tax Filing Deadline?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on October 7, 2013
Last modified: October 6, 2016

The Tax Filing Deadline is April 15, 2015 for 2014 Tax Returns

The tax filing deadline to e-file a 2014 tax return is April 15, 2015. After this date, your tax return will be considered late.

If you don’t file your 2014 taxes by the April 15th deadline, you may have to pay late penalties if you aren’t all squared away with the IRS.

Luckily, RapidTax helps make filing your taxes easy so that you can file before the tax deadline.

Penalties and interest


How Long Is a Tax Extension?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on May 13, 2013
Last modified: August 8, 2013

A tax extension grants you an extra six months to file, but doesn’t give you any extra time to pay

A tax extension gives you an extra six months to file your return.

You must file an extension by April 15th (or whatever the normal tax deadline is for that year). It then grants you an extra six months to file, making your new deadline October 15th.

This year for 2012 taxes, for example, if you requested an extension by April 15, 2013, your return is due by October 15, 2013.

Note an extension only give you an extra six months to file, it does not give you an extra six months to pay. When you request an extension, you will have to estimate your tax liability and pay any tax due or else you could be subject to failure-to-pay penalties starting April 15th. (more…)

What Is the Last Day to File Taxes?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on March 21, 2013
Last modified: October 6, 2016

Each year, “Tax Day” is April 15th & E-File Shuts Down on October 15th.

Each year, the deadline to file a tax return is April 15th. However, the e-file tax season doesn’t officially end until October 15th.

October 15 also marks the due date for filers who requested a tax extension.

That means, you must either file your return or request an extension by April 15th.

You can either e-file your return or mail in a paper return by the tax deadline. Note that if you are filing a paper return, your return must be postmarked by April 15th in order for it to be considered on time.